Who we are: Bizlinx is a business development agency based in Lund, Sweden. It was established to assist innovative enterprises achieve growth in the United States, Nordic region, and selective Asian countries. We have over a decade of business experience and here are a few reasons to consider collaboration with us:

• Multi-disciplinary background and experience which gives us a unique ability to quickly connect
   with a project from multiple perspectives and deliver critical support during its development.
• Extensive practical knowledge of the United States business culture.
• Multi-linguistic capabilities for effective communication support per project.
• Our professional skills are based on complex business-to-business and business-to-consumer
   interactions, including technology commercialization.
• We can efficiently communicate with all stakeholders and adapt to multicultural team
• Our aim is to facilitate sustainable development of companies that value innovation and are
   committed to their growth.
• Keep overhead costs low by hiring us on per project basis.

Experience: The following is a brief description of recent projects that we have advanced:

  • Vitatech Engineering - an American engineering firm – project support during design and installation of electromagnetic shielding at two research laboratories - University of Oslo and Sandvik Coromant in Stockholm.
  • Center for Analysis and Synthesis, Department of Chemistry, Lund University - market investigation and cost formulation report.
  • Convenient Hat AB - a Swedish design and engineering company – sales and marketing support to promote an innovative product for medical device.
  • GeoSignage Sverige AB - a Swedish software & technology company - analyzed regional data and statistics on selective areas within the USA.
  • DM-Tech Sweden AB - a Swedish software & technology firm - conducted semi-structured interviews within local region to identify the target group.


Business connections lead to right resources...

We offer two types of services that can be combined to achieve the desired results:

(a) Establish real-life connections on your behalf with other industry partners.
(b) Deliver critical information so you can navigate your business more effectively.

In today’s complex global commerce, it is essential to build and maintain good business relations. As your agent, we extensively network on your behalf and connect you with appropriate industry partners, regional organizations, and business networks to bring you the right support. Bizlinx can:

  • Find partners and liaise to formalize relationships.
  • Participate at networking events or tradeshows.


Critical information empowers companies...

We deliver customized data analysis. The reports are compiled using facts and statistics or information gathered during personal interviews, also known as qualitative analysis. This kind of data offers deeper insights to your business so you can confidently formulate the right strategy and improve business execution. Specifically, such information could be used for:

  • Planning and resource allocation.
  • Capturing precise need of your target group.
  • Early identification of “Unique Selling Point” (USP).


We made it simple! We welcome you to collaborate with us if your organization is interested in any of the services, including offering its product or service in a particular region. Our main experience comes from life science and technology based projects. In addition, we can offer communication support on projects requiring linguistic needs in certain Asian languages. However, we believe each company is unique.

Therefore, we offer highly customized service through a simplified process to meet your company’s need while maintaining full confidentiality at all times. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Step1. Initial meeting to discuss your goal and vision for the company.
  • Step2. We propose project strategy with timeline and deliverables for your consideration.
  • Step3. Upon approval, we implement strategy and deliver data analysis to enhance your decision making and business execution.